Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The Gaza Genocide is over. As I predicted Israel will leave Gaza empty handed,( they have -oh sorry they left with their hands with blood soiled hands-and Arab moderates have lost their face. Shame!

Obama has been inaugurated. Congratulations Mr Obama, I wish you success, good health and the will power to stand for change-positive change.

Many in the Arab World are not happy that in his inaugural speech, Obama did not talk about the Gaza Genocide. Why should any one be annoyed? The truth is American policy in the Middle East will not change to favour the Arab world. Even if it will, this is not the time.

Why? Because the Arabs are sleeping and snoring and above all deceiving themselves and shying away from their responsibility. America is unfortunately under siege. Americans cannot change America. You have probably seen how powerful people like Israel’s Olmert are. Remember how he literarily instructs BUSH on the UN resolution issue and how RICE abstains. Isn’t that a shame for Americans and those who are waiting for a CHANGE.

The only thing that will change American policy in the Middle East is for the Arabs to change their shameful attitude of waiting for other people to change their awful situation. They must face the challenge of Zionism. They don’t have to use military weapons to fight their way and help Palestinians to get their State and help the Muslim world to have a focus. They have many bottoms to touch if they desired doing so. They must abandon Arabism because it has failed them and will always fail them.

Wake up and face the challenge, let Obama face the dwindling US economy.

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