Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gaza: Why Arabian Monarchs and Emperors Keep Silent!

Dear Arabian Monarchs and Emperors,

This is a very short letter. It is just to tell you that you have disgracefully abandoned your responsibility to protect unarmed civilians from Israeli war machine in Gaza. We can understand your silence and inaction. We can understand your reliance on the UN, a robot organization in the hands of world oppressors. You are fully aware that countries like the US and Israel can at any time refuse to abide by UN resolutions and you know getting a UN resolution is just a waste of time. Yet you went to New York while unarmed civilians are being killed and maimed in Gaza.

We very much understand that you also see Hamas not a resistance force but a terror organization which you have promised Bush and the Neocons to fight. You feel that if allowed their idea will expand and ultimately challenged your powers. You are therefore happy that Hamas is being hit along side unarmed civilians, women and children in Gaza. This you think you will serve as a lesson to civilians who may challenge your authority. That is why you are silent. The 19th century revolutionary in Hausaland Sheikh Usman Danfodio has said “A state can survive unbelief, but cannot survive injustice” this is a message for you.

Everyone knows that you know what to do, you know what buttons to press and yet you decided to do nothing. Frantz Fanon once said “Every onlooker is either a coward or a traitor” You are both, unfortunately. Shame on you the Arab world leadership. Keep keeping silent.

But the Arab on the street must not remain passive. They must engage their sold-out leaders. They must confront them or else pay the same price Gazans are paying today.

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